April 20th (Sat) – May 20th (Mon)
Adjusting the HANAO、heel rubber replacement  FREE!!

If you have any other problems, we will respond to you during the following period.

***Custom-made zori & alteration consultation session***

May 17th (Friday) to May 20th (Monday)
Zori artisans visit from Kyoto
Please feel free to ask us anything
We expect it to be crowded during these 4 days, so we ask that you make a reservation for the date and time.


heel rubber replacement(3300円)→ FREE
Adjusting the HANAO(1650円)→FREE
Replacing the thong (Bringing inHANAO,DAI 10450円)→4290円
pasting the soles of ZORI(11550円)→7590円
Reupholstery of ZORI soles(14300円)→9790円
exchange of MAETSUBO(9680円) →6490円

Please feel free to contact us with any problems other than those listed above.