Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about kimono.
We are kimono professionals.
Please feel free to leave even the smallest things to us.

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Information on dressing lessons

Kimono free dressing
  • I want to be able to put on a kimono by myself
    Beginners welcome! I will help you make your dream kimono girl debut.
  • I want to be able to wear kimono quickly
    No need to re-tie.
  • I want to learn how to wear a kimono again
    Kindly and politely guide.
  • I want to wear the kimono I inherited from my mother
    Advice on how to dress yourself. You can wear various types of obi knots.

Dressing Service

No painful, To hold shape,
and Prolong beauty

Preventing the occurring of the out of shape in the front tying of the Obi, suppressing stuffy or tight feeling and also suppressing the generation of wrinkles on tying the Obi.

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Summer Special
Yukata dressing class

Makes summer outings even more fun.
Why don’t you enjoy events such as fireworks with your friends in yukata?



About our shop

A space immersed in Japanese style

We offer a space where you can enjoy Japanese harmony. If you want to wear a kimono but don’t know how to wear it, come to our store and we will solve it… We want to be your savior when you have trouble with kimono. In addition, we do not offer free tuition services other than the free dressing experience. The tuition fee is the instructor’s technical guidance fee. Even beginners can teach responsibly until they can master it.

Party to enjoy in kimono

  • New Year’s party~obimai~
    New Year’s party~obimai~
    【Hotel Grand View Takasaki  MIKUMANO 】February 3, 2024
    delicious food、tisyoukoto、sanshin、obimai
  • First practice「YUZURIHA」~I had matcha tea at Daisho Gokokuji Temple.~
    First practice「YUZURIHA」~I had matcha tea at Daisho Gokokuji Temple.~
    【Daisho Gokokuji Temple】January 14, 2024
    obi lesson & Matcha
  • Kimono de X’mas Party
    Kimono de X’mas Party
    【Villas des Mariages TAKASAKI】December 9, 2023
  • KINO WASOU GAKUEN Certification ceremony
    KINO WASOU GAKUEN Certification ceremony
    November 26th New Otani in Tokyo
    Award ceremony for those who passed the qualification exam


To all visitors

Taking measures against COVID-19

Our store is taking measures against COVID-19.
Reduce the number of seats and space the seats to avoid crowding. The air is exchanged regularly. We will be taking the temperature of our staff every day, and we are asking for the cooperation of customers who come to the store. Thorough hand washing, disinfection, and thorough disinfection of tables and chairs. All staff wear masks. We also ask customers to wear a mask when they visit us. If you feel unwell, please let the staff know immediately.

  • In order to avoid crowding, we have reduced the number of seats and are keeping distance and intervals.
  • We open the doors and windows to keep the air fresh.
  • We will measure the temperature of our staff and ask you to check the temperature of visitors.
  • Please thoroughly wash your hands and disinfect with alcohol. We will also thoroughly disinfect tables and chairs.
  • All staff wear masks. Please help us wear a mask when you visit.
  • If you feel any change in your physical condition, please inform the staff immediately.