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“Naga-juban” and how to wear kimono.
How to tie an obi(9 types).
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from the primary course.

Recommended for:

Those who want to learn how to wear
kimono in a short period of time,
such as for sudden ceremonial occasions.

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Necessary preparation

Kimono(”hiroeri”)、“Nagajuban”、Fukuro-obi、Erishin(interlining for collars)、Underwear set、Tabi(traditional Japanese socks)、Obijime(final cord)、Obiage(a piece of cloth for obi)、 Kimono belt (korin belt) two、hem tape two、Kino-Special【see below】

【Kino-Special details】

All listed prices are including tax.

Used when tightening the belt.This obi-ita board has a patent.

It is used for “taiko” and arrangement knots.

Kino-belt Special(\2,750)
It is used to put the obi pattern in your favorite place and to bring out the volume of the obi mountain well.